Jeffrey L. Shipley
Growing up, I was certain that I'd be an artist...

I was good, but I didn't apply my talent. Eventually I found myself with two children whom I
adored, and a job I despised. My creative nature was left unfulfilled…

A chance encounter at a party pushed me into a new direction. Then, as I met and surrounded
myself with a number of talented and supportive individuals, I saw my lifelong dreams of being
published realized. I built on that success and soon additional stories were published.
Eventually another random conversation inspired me to create and publish the critically
acclaimed horror zine,
Tales of Blood and Roses. As interest in ToBaR grew, additional
opportunities were presented to me. In order to branch out into other areas, and still maintain a
unique identity, I created
Unpopular Publications. The name pays homage to the great pulp
publishing house,
Popular Publications, while also acting as a comment on the fringe nature of
our publications.
Kamikaze Woman and Genre Smash! join Tales of Blood and Roses in a
rotating schedule of zines, which strive to maintain the same level of distinction that inspired
The Examiner to give Tales of Blood and Roses a five star review.


Witness to a Sin;
Smile, Hon, You're in Flagrante; January, 2010
Without Warning;
Smile, Hon: Waste; May, 2010
Nancy is Waiting;
Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore # 13, October, 2010
All for Lucy;
Tales of Blood and Roses No. 1; February, 2011
And What Price for this Life?;
Tales of Blood and Roses No. 2; September, 2011
Standing There with My Dick in My Hand;
Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore # 15; February, 2012
Living in Fear (poem);
Rhyme and PUN-ishment; May 2012
Much of Madness, More of Sin;
Tales of Blood and Roses No. 3; July, 2012
You Look Better Dead; Coming Together: Hungry for Love; October, 2012
She'll be the Death of Me;
Kamikaze Woman; Forthcoming
And Who Shall I Become;
Tales of Blood and Roses No. 4; Forthcoming
Faster, Zombie! Kill! Kill!;
Genre Smash! No. 1; Forthcoming
Copyright 2012 Jeffrey L. Shipley
Po Box 457, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
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